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Hair Extensions



Micro links is a strand by strand method containing small links that are threaded onto your natural hair and the extension tip is placed inside and closed giving you a secure hold. It will last 12-16 weeks depending on how fast your natural hair grows and how well you properly care for the extensions. The Micro links requires no heat bonding glue and wax. You can add length or length and volume or highlights.

This method of hair extensions is the most prepared by those that desire a natural looking hair extensions, without the added weight and bulkiness creating no natural movement.

You can wear it up, down, curled, straight and pinned up without a track sticking out or showing.



The Beaded Sew-in contains the same links that is attached to your natural hair and the weft is sewn on top, these method requires NO braiding.


Prices is depending on what you want, you can customize your look to your exact needs. All extensions are 100% IndiRemy hair, we required 50% deposit at time of scheduling. Free consultation.